Social Media Tools for Work & Self Promotion

There are a lot of social media tools that can be helpful to a lot of business professionals. The top 5 I’ve seen and mostly used are:

 i) Twitter: In a professional way, twitter can be very helpful tool with staying up to date with the latest business news, networking with people, advertising your blogs or website, or getting helpful tips     from other business professionals. Twitter lets you tweet a 140 character message to your followers which can be about anything you desire.

ii) LinkedIn: LinkedIn is basically Facebook on a professional level. It is used to help you advertise/branding yourself so if you’re looking to find a job potential employers can find you on LinkedIn. You can list your awards, skills, work history, and many more which will help employers see what you are capable of. Even if you have a job you can use this site to give or get tips on anything business related to help you out in the future like tips on QuickBooks.

iii) SlideShare: SlideShare is like YouTube with PowerPoint presentations. This can be helpful to also promote yourself to get a job by making a slide show of your achievements, awards, business related jobs, etc. This also can be used for presentations for your company.

iv) Dropbox: Dropbox allows businesses to have access to files from anywhere as long as you are connected to Dropbox. It allows users to store files where anyone who is allowed access to those files will be able to instantly access it once it is in their Dropbox folder.

v) WordPress: This can be a helpful to blog or make your own site for free. WordPress can help business professionals promote its products and services. It is free and simple to use which makes it better than the competitions out there.

You can use social media tools to build your social network. LinkedIn for instance will help you connect with your fellow classmates, colleague, and anyone you know that has the potential to get you a job or help you out later in the future. It also helps you promote yourself and build your brand. Employers are looking out for potential candidates for a job online especially on LinkedIn.

These 2 sites show the top social media tools and explains why:

In a minute, this video sums up what social media can do to help you out in a professional way.




Barb Dybwad, (Oct 26, 2009), 10 of the Best Social Media Tools for Entrepreneurs


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